Source of persecution: Islamic extremism /tribal antagonism

Brunei ImageContact with Christians in other countries, the import of Bibles and the public celebration of Christmas are all banned in this Islamic nation. The monarchy is seen as the defender of the faith and Islamic law has been fully implemented since 2011. There is a program of Islamisation for natives. Muslim-background believers can face hostility from family and community. The government recognises only three Catholic and three Anglican churches: unregistered churches are considered 'illegal sects' and are monitored by government officials.


  • The level of fear among Christians is very high. Pray for courage to stand firm in the faith.

  • Christian bookshops are not allowed. Pray that believers and seekers will gain access to God's Word through other means.

  • The Sultan has announced that from 2013 Islamic religious studies will become a compulsary subject on schools. Pray that children will have the opportunity to hear the gospel.